Measurement of water content in oil

09.02.2024 | Articles

Introducing the new application: measurement of water content in oil.

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Application of ceramic heaters for heat treatment of steel

10.01.2024 | Articles

Ceramic heaters role in industrial processes, especially in the heat treatment of steel in electric hardening furnaces.

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Level sensors in unconventional water and sewage applications

24.10.2023 | Articles

In the first publication concerning the pressure and level series, we would like to present hydrostatic level sensors and some unconventional ways of using them in water and sewage systems industry, where these sensors play a key role.

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Band heaters in the chemical industry

31.08.2023 | Articles

In the first article from the series of industrial electric heaters, we present an element that is crucial for many processes in the chemical industry - band heaters.

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Simex pressure and level transmitters

27.07.2023 | News

We have extended our production offer - new pressure and level transmitters are on the web page! From now on, you will be able to meet Simex sensors in many global applications, enabling measurements of the mentioned physical quantities.

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Cartridge heaters in industry

15.06.2023 | Articles

Simex offer, apart from a wide range of measuring equipment, also includes industrial heaters. Among the heaters, a very popular group is cartridge ones.

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MultiCon with an emergency power supply module

02.06.2023 | MultiCon

The memory of the MultiCon recorder provides its independent operation for many months, and with 24 channels recorded every minute it is enough for 16 years even.

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Industrial electric heaters

30.03.2023 | News

Simex includes our posts concerning new electric heaters - industrial heating elements being an important part of many technological lines where it is necessary to generate high temperature, among others in the processes of food production or plastics processing.

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MultiCon inside a portable case, battery powered

15.03.2023 | MultiCon

The MultiCon controller inside a battery-powered portable case is a solution designed for measurements in difficult energy areas, e.g. without a direct grid connection.

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MultiCon inside a portable case

29.01.2023 | MultiCon

Panel version of MultiCon controller can also be built into a portable case, creating a mobile control and registration center.

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SR45 - The first mixed control output module for MultiCon!

21.12.2022 | MultiCon

The versatility of the MultiCon controller is largely based on the number of possible hardware configurations. Now we present the first mixed control output module!

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Temperature sensors for the chemical industry

20.10.2022 | Articles

We present temperature sensors designed for measurement in the chemical industry. They are mainly used for measure, monitoring and control temperature in the production processes of all chemicals: from pesticides and petrochemical products, to cosmetics, perfumes and paints.

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E-mail notifications available as standard!

05.10.2022 | MultiCon

E-mail notifications - a function that allows you to generate alerts in the form of previously prepared e-mails - now available as standard!

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