Weighing instruments in an automatic feed mixing plant

26.04.2021 | Articles

Automating the feed preparation process is a step that more and more farm owners are choosing. SWI-94 - our weighing meter - is a device that is frequently selected for work in this type of application.

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Renewable energy measuring, recording and control devices

20.04.2021 | Articles

Examples of using meters, recorders and counters in renewable energy sources.

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New universal controllers including a bargraph


We are happy to announce the introduction of two new SUR meters equipped with a universal input and a bargraph: SUR-49B and SUR-94B

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New universal input modules for MultiCon


Our MultiCon multi-task controller / recorder is a modular device, individually configured in accordance with the needs of a particular application. The selection of a specific measurement signal allows you to place more inputs in one module, while for applications with more complex or time-varying requirements, we offer universal input modules.

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New universal display with adjustment function: SUR-W410


Another multimeter in the Simex series is the controller in a wall housing: SUR-W410

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The PUR line: New advanced PID controllers with Fuzzy Logic!


As previously announced, the product range of PID controllers is getting extended! The PUR-99 controller, which has been available for sales since April 2020, has just been accompanied by two new versions - PUR-94D available in 96 x 48 mm housing and PUR-49D in 48 x 96 mm housing.

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4ControllerView feature in MultiCon, part 1


The novelty worth getting acquainted with is the 4ControllerView feature - a new mode of presenting the state of logic channels for a given measurement group, designed especially for the use of MultiCon as a controller.

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12V DC power supply in Simex devices


Considering our clients' application needs, we have adapted some of our industrial meters to 12V power supply systems.

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