SIMEX offers a design, engineering and manufacturing of systems and components for the automation, process control, machine building and measuring & controlling industries.

The Research & Development Department employs highly qualified electronic engineers specializing in the following areas:
- Software - both assemblers and higher-order languages like C, C++, Delphi, and so on;
- Design of PCBs for both digital and analogue systems;
- Design of complete processor equipment and devices for measuring and control systems.

Strict adherence to standards (e.g. ISO9001) during design stage, as well as our own measuring and EMC laboratory ensures that all equipment and devices we built comply with the state-of-the-art standards and represent the highest technical level. Our own-developed operation system for the applied processors, working in real time, allows for maximum reduction of time required for adopting new software to the equipment and devices we design and produce.

The R&D Department develops full designs of various devices - from the simplest ones (like simple counters, indicators etc.), through more complex regulators and controllers to most sophisticated, application-specific controllers and measuring and control systems with intense data transmission in distributed systems.

High flexibility and very wide range of products - this is why our company is able to meet all customers' requirements in the area of design and production of unique, application-specific equipment.