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SIMEX - the manufacturer and supplier of industrial automation equipment
Our products are the result of thirty years of experience in the field of industrial automation and many thousands of hours of concerted effort on the part of our committed engineering team. The design and manufacturing of our products incorporates latest developments in microprocessor and SMT technologies, resulting in their high quality and reliability. Flexible, user-friendly programming makes them an ideal tool for industrial process control. They will ensure smooth efficient and trouble-free running of your plant or production line and will bypass the need for many costly pieces of equipment necessary in traditional style of process control - read more...


Measurement of water content in oil

09.02.2024 | Articles

Introducing the new application: measurement of water content in oil.

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Application of ceramic heaters for heat treatment of steel

10.01.2024 | Articles

Ceramic heaters role in industrial processes, especially in the heat treatment of steel in electric hardening furnaces.

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Level sensors in unconventional water and sewage applications

24.10.2023 | Articles

In the first publication concerning the pressure and level series, we would like to present hydrostatic level sensors and some unconventional ways of using them in water and sewage systems industry, where these sensors play a key role.

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