Simex pressure and level transmitters

27.07.2023 | News

We have extended our production offer - new pressure and level transmitters are on the web page! From now on, you will be able to meet Simex sensors in many global applications, enabling measurements of the mentioned physical quantities.

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Industrial electric heaters

30.03.2023 | News

Simex includes our posts concerning new electric heaters - industrial heating elements being an important part of many technological lines where it is necessary to generate high temperature, among others in the processes of food production or plastics processing.

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MultiCon inside a portable case, battery powered

15.03.2023 | News

The MultiCon controller inside a battery-powered portable case is a solution designed for measurements in difficult energy areas, e.g. without a direct grid connection.

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MultiCon inside a portable case

29.01.2023 | News

Panel version of MultiCon controller can also be built into a portable case, creating a mobile control and registration center.

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New - universal and isolated - cards for MultiCon!

19.08.2022 | News

As many as 18 isolated universal inputs in one device! - this possibility is now offered by the MultiCon multichannel recorder. All thanks to the newly introduced type of input cards - QFUN

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PUR-44D: New PID controller in 48 x 48 mm housing

28.02.2022 | News

The popular family of PID controllers is still growing! In February 2022, a new model was launched: PUR-44D, made in a small housing with dimensions of 48 x 48 mm, while maintaining all the functions of the other PUR line regulators.

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New temperature sensors by Simex!

12.01.2022 | News

We would like to inform you about expanding the offer of temperature sensors. New solutions are for RTD and thermocouple sensors. Each of them is available in several versions: head, cable or mineral insulated; in steel or ceramic protection tubes.

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Supply voltage 12V in Simex devices!

02.11.2021 | News

For some time now, we have been gradually extending the range of supply voltage for our products, expanding the range of devices that can be powered with 12V.

Check which devices are equipped with the new type of power supply.

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Pure Sidget - new text sidget for MultiCon

27.10.2021 | News

We are now supplementing the range of graphic sidgets with a text version: Pure Sidget.

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Wall mounting of Simex devices - New SWH-15!

27.09.2021 | News

Newest wall mouting cases SWH-15 for vertical and horizontal devices have just landed in our product portfolio!

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MultiCon data logger is now in Turkish!

21.06.2021 | News

Our flagship MultiCon data logger/controller have now been translated to Turkish!

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New universal controllers including a bargraph

17.12.2020 | News

We are happy to announce the introduction of two new SUR meters equipped with a universal input and a bargraph: SUR-49B and SUR-94B

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