In the first article from the series of industrial electric heaters, we present an element that is crucial for many processes in the chemical industry - band heaters.

What are band heaters?

Band heaters are a type of electric heaters designed to surround surfaces or objects, ensuring even heat distribution. This makes them ideal for applications that require precise temperature control.

Construction of band heaters:

  • Outer sheath: usually made of aluminum, stainless steel or brass, it protects the internal components of the heater.
  • Heating element: a resistance wire or plates that generate heat when an electric current flows through them.
  • Insulation: Materials such as magnesium oxide that provide electrical insulation and thermal conductivity.


Band heaters - construction

Division of band heaters:

  • Ceramic heaters: made of ceramic, they conduct heat perfectly and are resistant to high temperatures. Perfect for long-term heating, and their resistance to mechanical damage makes them durable and reliable. 
  • Micanite heaters: constructed from micanite, a natural mica product, they have excellent insulating properties and rapid thermal conductivity. They are lighter than ceramic, which makes them more flexible in applications where space and weight matter.


Band heaters in the chemical industry

Heating tanks with chemical liquids:

  • Specification:
    Power: up to 10 kW
    Temperature range: up to 500°C
    Voltage: 220-400V
  • Task: they keep liquids at the right temperature, preventing solidification or maintaining the right viscosity.

Transmission pipe heating:

  • Specification:
    Power: 2-5 kW/m²
    Temperature range: up to 300°C
    Voltage: 220-400V
  • Task: prevent solidification of substances in pipes, especially in colder conditions.

Heating the distillation apparatus

  • Specification:
    Power: 1-4 kW
    Temperature range: up to 400°C
    Voltage: 220-400V 
  • Task: maintain a constant temperature in distillation processes, which is crucial for the quality of the final product.

Heating chemical reactors:

  • Specification:
    Power: 5-20 kW
    Temperature range: up to 600°C
    Voltage: 220-480V
  • Task: ensure uniform heat in reactors, which is crucial for the course of chemical reactions.