Band heating elements

Code: G
  • heating of industrial pipes, nozzles, machines, excruders
  • power supply: from 220V to 3x400V
  • heater diameters: from 25 to 1500 mm
  • micanite or ceramic insulated design
  • additional adiabatic sheath
  • hermetically sealed termination
  • possibility to use inner J, K, T thermocouple
  • sheath: carbon steel, brass, Cr-Ni steel
  • termination type: cable, block, screw

Band heaters are designed with micanite or ceramic insulation sheathed with brass or stainless steel plate. Ceramic band heaters are chracterised by the excellent insulation properties and the long-lasting period of operation.

Band heaters are used for heating:

  • industrial pipes
  • nozzles
  • film blowing machines
  • packing machines; injection moulding machine; excruders

Probe diameter
Ø25...1000 mm
Ø50...1500 mm
Power supply
24V AC
48V AC
220V AC
230V AC
380V AC
380V AC, three-phase
400V AC
400V AC, three-phase
Surface loading
4,5 W/cm²
7 W/cm²
Operating temperature
max. 450°C
max. 550°C
Sensor material
steel Cr-Ni 1H18N9T
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