Code: SRS-2/4-Z45
  • converter module RS-232 / RS-485
  • 4 signalling LEDs
  • galvanic isolation between RS-232 and RS-485 lines
  • transmission rate control using RTS signal
  • power supply voltage connection signalling
  • programming mode signalling
  • RS-485 transmitter activation signalling
  • operation set-up signalling
  • transmit and receive signalling

The SRS-2/4-Z45 converter module is designed to interconnect MASTER devices equipped with RS-232 to RS-485 bus. The module can work either with devices controlling direction of transmission (via RTS line), or devices not controlling the direction (control is then fully automatic). The MASTER functions can be realized by any device, e.g. PC computer with dedicated software. Connection of more than one MASTER device to the RS-485 bus is prohibited.
The SRS-2/4-Z45 unit guarantees full galvanic isolation between RS-232 and RS-485 circuits. Only one device SRS-2/4-Z45 type can be connected to RS-485 line.
The converter can work with any devices equipped with RS-485 interface, especially made by SIMEX. The main purpose of SRS-2/4-Z45 converter is connection of PC host computer with industrial data acquisition and visualisation systems based on RS-485 interface.

Power supply
9…30V DC
Operating temperature
Galvanic isolation
between RS-485 and RS-232 lines
5% up to 90% no condensation
Case dimensions
40 x 55 x 100 mm