DMP 341

Code: DMP 341
  • stainless steel sensor without media isolation
  • nominal pressure: 0...6 mbar up to 0...100 mbar
  • small thermal effect
  • excellent long term stability and linearity
  • IS-version
  • different electrical and mechanical connections
  • areas of application: plant and machine engineering, heating and air conditioning

The pressure transmitter DMP 341 has been es-pecially designed for the measurement of very low gauge pressure and for vacuum applications. Permissible media are gases, pressurized air and non-aggressive low viscos oils.

The DMP 341 features excellent thermal behaviour and outstanding longterm stability. A variety of standard output signals as well as mechanical and electrical connections make the DMP 341 covering a wide field of applications.

Measurement range
0...6 mbar up to 0...100 mbar
Output type
4...20 mA, 2-wire
4...20 mA, 3-wire
0...20 mA, 3-wire
0...10V, 3-wire
0...5V, 3-wire
Process connection
G 1/2
Electrical connection
Binder 723
cable outlet
ISO 4400
stainless steel 316L
Power supply
12...36V DC
14...36V DC (0...10V out.)
14…28V DC
Operating temperature
Medium temperature
Protection class
IP 65
IP 67
IP 68
Case material
stainless steel
Data sheet
Manual IS version
Declaration of conformity