Code: CCA-P-331Pi
  • stainless steel sensor (flush)
  • llush welded stainless steel diaphragm
  • nominal pressure: 0...400 mbar up to 0...40 bar
  • accuracy: 0.1 % FSO
  • excellent temperature response 0.04 % FSO / 10K
  • turn-down 1:10
  • processing of the sensor signal using digital electronics
  • vacuum resistant
  • hygenic version
  • areas of application: laboratory techniques, medical technology, food and beverage

The precision pressure transmitter CCA-P-331Pi demonstrates the further development of well-tried industrial pressure transmitter CCA-P-331Pi.

The signal from the specially designed piezoresistive stainless steel sensor is processed by the newly developed digital electronic system, performing thus an active compensation of sensor-specific deviations such as hysteresis, thermal errors and non-linearity.

The temperature range of -40...125 °C can be extended by the integration of a cooling element up to 200°C.

Measurement range
0...400 mbar up to 0...40 bar
-0.4...0.4 bar up to -1...10 bar
Output type
4...20 mA, 2-wire
0...10V, 3-wire
Process connection
G 1/2
G 3/4
G 1
G1 1/2
G 2
dairy pipe
Electrical connection
connector M12x1
Binder 723
cable outlet
ISO 4400
compact field housing stainless steel
stainless steel 316L
Hastelloy C 276
Power supply
12...36V DC
14...36V DC (0...10V out.)
14…28V DC
Operating temperature
Medium temperature
Protection class
IP 65
IP 67
IP 68
Case material
stainless steel