Code: CCA-P-331i
  • stainless steel sensor
  • nominal pressure: 0...400 mbar up to 0...60 bar
  • turn-down 10:1
  • communication interface for adjusting of offset, span and damping
  • areas of application: laboratory techniques, energy production (gas consumption and thermal energy measurement)

The precision pressure transmitter CCA-P-331i demonstrate the further development of our industrial pressure transmit-ters. The signal processing of sensor signal is done by digital electronics with 16-bit analog digital converter. Consequently it is possible to conduct an active compensation and the transmitters with excellent maesurements and exeptionally attractive price to offer on the market.

Measurement range
0...400 mbar up to 0...60 bar
-0.4...0.4 bar up to -1...10 bar
Output type
4...20 mA, 2-wire
0...10V, 3-wire
Process connection
G 1/2
G 1/4
1/2 NPT
1/4 NPT
Electrical connection
connector M12x1
Binder 723
cable outlet
ISO 4400
compact field housing stainless steel
stainless steel 316L
Power supply
12...36V DC
14...36V DC (0...10V out.)
Operating temperature
Medium temperature
Protection class
IP 65
IP 67
Case material
stainless steel