Code: CCA-P-331
  • nominal pressure: 0...100 mbar up to 0...60 bar
  • accuracy: 0.35 % (opt. 0.25 % / 0.1%) FSO
  • flush pressure port G 1/2" from 100 mbar
  • excellent thermal behavior
  • excellent long term stability
  • areas of application: mechanical and plant engineering, energy industry, HVAC, environmental industry

The pressure transmitter CCA-P-331 can be used in all industrial areas when the medium is compatible with stainless steel 1.4404 (316 L) or 1.4435 (316 L). Additional are different elastomer seals as well as a helium tested welded version available. The modulare concept of the device allows to combine different stainless steel sensors and electronic modules with a variety of electrical and mechanical versions.Thus a diversity of variations is created, meeting almost all requirements in industrial applications.

Measurement range
0...100 mbar up to 0...60 bar
-1...0 bar
Output type
0...5V, 3-wire
4...20 mA, 2-wire
4...20 mA, 3-wire
0...10V, 3-wire
0...20 mA, 3-wire
Process connection
G 1/2
G 1/4
1/2 NPT
1/4 NPT
Electrical connection
connector M12x1
Binder 723
cable outlet
ISO 4400
compact field housing stainless steel
Power supply
8...32V DC
14...30V DC (0...10V out.)
10...28V DC
stainless steel 316L
Operating temperature
Medium temperature
Protection class
IP 65
IP 67
IP 68
Case material
stainless steel