Code: CCM-P-02
  • battery powered digital pressure gauge
  • nominal pressure from 0...100 mbar up to 0...600 bar
  • stainless steel sensor
  • rotatable housing
  • 2-line LC display 4.5-digit main display + 6-digit additional display
  • hygienic process connections
  • min / max function with reset function
  • offset and end point calibration
  • setting the pressure unit
  • configuration of switch-off automatic
  • preferred areas of use: food Industry, pharmacy

The battery-powered digital pressure gauge CCM-P-02 enables a local displaying of values, satisfying the highest demands for accuracy and long-term stability. The pressure gauge may be applied in all media compatible with the stainless steel used; it shows an excellent robustness and a high overpressure protection.

The CCM-P-02 display housing is rotatable, thus ensuring an easy reading even under unfavorable mounting conditions. Additional functions: changing the unit, displaying min / max values, calibrating of offset and the span, configuring the automatic switching-off

Measurement range
0...100 mbar up to 0...600 bar
Process connection
G 1/2
G 1/4
1/2 NPT
1/4 NPT
Case dimensions
Ø76,5 mm
stainless steel 316L
Power supply
2 x 3.6V 1/2AA lithium battery
LCD, 4,5 x 11 mm
LCD, 6 x 7,5 mm
Filling fluids
no filling
Operating temperature
Medium temperature
Protection class
IP 65
Case material
stainless steel