Code: SCT108
  • mineral insulated thermoelectric sensor
  • temperature range -40...+1200°C depending on thermocouple
  • operating temperature of connection heads max. 150°C
  • short response time for temperature change
  • small dimensions for operation in hard-to-reach places
  • resistance to vibrations and the possibility of bending
  • thermowell made of nickel alloy (Inconel 600)

With sheathed thermocouples SCT108, the flexible part of the probe is a mineral insulated  cable. This cable consists of a stainless steel outer sheath, in which the inner conductors are encased for insulation and compressed into a highly compacted ceramic mass. The outer sheath is made of stainless steel or Ni alloy. The inner conductors are welded together at the measuring end of the sheathed cable to form the ’thermocouple’. In designs where the measuring element is not insulated the sheath is also welded to the thermocouple. Connector cables are connected to the other end of the sheathed Üable, the sheathed cable is hermetically sealed with a sealing compound. The connector wires form the basis for the electrical interface, with cable, a connector or a terminal block then attached to these connector wires. Due to their flexibility and the small diameters in which they are available,  sheathed  thermocouples can be used in ĺocations that are not easily accessible.

Application areas:

  • general machinery and equipment design
  • measuring temperature of liquids, gases and solid bodies
  • all branches of industry
  • measurement laboratories

Measurement range
-40...+750°C (J)
-40...+1200°C (K, N)
Measuring element
II class
I class
Connection head
B, IP65, -40...150ºC, aluminum
NA, IP65, -40...150ºC, aluminum
DAN, IP65, -40...150ºC, aluminum
MA, IP54, -40...100ºC, aluminum
diameter 1,5...8 mm
any maximum length
nickel alloy 2.4816 (Inconel 600)
Operating temperature
max. 100°C
Data sheet