Code: SGZ-12
  • two-wire circuits isolator
  • free input and output standard
  • additional 24V DC supply to power two-wire transmitters
  • full galvanic isolation between input/output/supply circuits
  • 1 track
  • 12,5 mm case
  • TS-35 DIN rail mounting
  • 24V DC power supply

SGZ-12 type isolators are dedicated for making a galvanic isolation between input measuring circuit and output circuit.
The device needs 24V DC of power supply. Input, output and supply circuits are mutually isolated. The using of isolators allows to reduce the impact of interference and ground potential difference. It also helps to put together different types of signals (0÷5 mA, 0÷20 mA, 4÷20 mA, 0÷5V, 0÷10V, 1÷5V).
User is allowed to correct zero point and measuring range, using two potentiometers mounted on the front panel of housing.

Number of inputs
Input type
free standard
Number of outputs
Output type
free standard
Galvanic isolation
2kV, 50Hz
between all circuits
Load resistance
0...700Ω (0/4...20 mA)
0...3kΩ (0…5 mA)
≥2kΩ (wyjście napięciowe)
Power supply
21...28V DC
Protection class
IP 20
Operating temperature
DIN rail
Case dimensions
12,5 x 99 x 114,5 mm
Data sheet
Brochure EN
Declaration of conformity