Code: DPS+
  • piezoresistive pressure sensor
  • nominal pressure: 0...6 mbar up to 0...1 bar
  • accuracy: 0.35 % / 1 % / 2% FSO
  • output signal: 0/4…20 mA, 0…10 V, 1 or 2 discrete outputs
  • high overpressure capability
  • compensated temperature output signal
  • very short response
  • areas of application: cleanrooms (integrated circuits, computer chips factories), medical equipment, differential pressure control in filters, level measurement (via air column), pressure tubes, diaphragm gauges

The differential pressure transmitter DPS+ was developed for measuring of dry, non aggressive gases and compressed air. It can be used for varied HVAC applications.

The basic element of the DPS+ is a temperature compensated piezoresistive pressure sensor which is able to operate a very long time without any maintenance.
Robust design allows deployment also in laboratories and industrial conditions. The pressure transmitter DPS+ features good long term stability, linearity and repeatability.

Measurement range
0...6 mbar up to 0...1 bar
Output type
0...20 mA
4...20 mA
Process connection
Ø6,6 x 11
Power supply
110V AC
230V AC
12...31V DC
19...31V DC
LED, 4 x 7 mm, red
Operating temperature
Medium temperature
Protection class
IP 54
Case material