MultiLog SRD-99

Code: SRD-99
  • multichannel economical data logger MultiLog line
  • universal inputs: RTD + TC or U + I
  • 2 electronic relay outputs
  • memory up to 3 000 000 records
  • quick data transfer via ports: USB Host (USB flash drive), USB PC (wire), RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
  • display measured values in °C or °F
  • 12V AC/DC, 24V AC/DC or 85...260V AC/DC power supply
  • backlight: amber or white
  • panel mount version
  • free configuration and recording software

The new MultiLog SRD-99 device is designed to record and display current values as well as to present technological parameters in the form of graphs. The device is equipped with up to eight universal inputs: temperature (RTD + TC) or analogue (mA + V), which enables connecting different types of sensors to one device, one pulse (digital) input for controlling the recording process; 2 electronic relays with max. load 24V AC (35V DC) 200 mA, USB PC port for direct (by cable) PC connection to share data and USB Host port (front or rear) for flash data storage and configuration transfer. White or amber colour LCD backlight available.

Number of inputs
Input type
current (mA)
voltage (V)
voltage (mV)
Input range
0/4...20 mA
0...60 mV, 0...75 mV, 0...100 mV, 0...150 mV
0/1...5V, 0/2...10V
Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000: -100...+600°C
TC K: -200...+1370°C, S: -50...+1768°C, J: -210...+1200°C, T: -200...+400°C, N: -200...+1300°C, R: -50...+1768°C, B: +250...+1820°C, E: -200...+1000°C
Output type
electronic relay NO, 24V AC/35V DC, max. 200 mA
Power supply
16...35V AC, 19...50V DC
85..260V AC/DC
10...13V AC, 11...16V DC
LCD, 128 x 64 pixels, graphic, amber or white backlight
Memory capacity
internal 8 MB
Data recording period
1 s / 2 s / 5 s / 10 s / 15 s / 20 s / 30 s / 1 min / 2 min / 5 min / 10 min / 15 min / 20 min / 30 min / 60 min
Communication Interface
RS-485 / Modbus RTU
USB Host port
USB PC port
Transmission parameters
1200...115200 bit/s, 8N1 / 8N2
Operating temperature
Protection class
IP 40 (front USB Host)
IP 54 (front USB Host + transparent door with key STD-99/141)
IP 65 (rear USB Host)
optional integrated frame for panel cut-out sealing
Case material
Case dimensions
96 x 96 x 100 mm