Code: SLN-44
  • universal pulse counter
  • counting input: contact / OC / voltage
  • add, subtract, add/subtract or quadrature mode
  • 1 or 2 REL
  • front panel reset, remote reset, auto-reset
  • STN display with backlight
  • small panel size DIN 48 x 48 mm

The SLN-44 series is a DIN 48 x 48 electronic preset counter with a Blue STN LCD display with white backlight. The display is 6 digits dual layer, divided into Main display and Sub-display. The main display has a 10 x 5 mm figure size showing the count value and the Sub-display shows the preset values. Included in the display are Preset level indicators and Output indicators which can be toggled by a push of a button. The SLN-44 series is available in 1 or 2 level preset or 1 level + Prewarn type which makes it an ideal counter for general counting or total/batching counting applications. It is 100-240V AC or 12-24V DC powered and has an external power supply of 12V DC for sensors. The SLN-44 can count bidirectional (Quadrature), Add, Subtract or Add/Subtract and upon reaching the preset value/s, the built-in output relays are actuated. It has a built-in EEPROM memory to avoid loss of count during sudden power cut. This makes the SLN-44 Series the most versatile and functional preset counter even for the complicated applications such as packaging (batching), converting (prescale), cut-to-length (preset+prewarn) and many more.

Number of inputs
Input type
contact / Open Collector / voltage / quadrature
Input levels
OC: low 0...4V; voltage: low 0...4V, high 6...30V
Input frequency
30 Hz
1 kHz
5 kHz
10 kHz
Output type
relay I=1A, U=30V DC/250V AC (cosø=1)
Measurement method
electrical, pulse
Tryb pracy
Power supply
12...24V DC
100...240V AC
LCD, 10 x 5 mm, blue STN
Communication Interface
no interface
Operating temperature
Protection class
IP 54
Case dimensions
48 x 48 x 100 mm (AC)
48 x 48 x 64 mm (DC)
Data sheet
Manual EN
Declaration of conformity