Measuring insert SWP1

Code: SWP1
  • measuring insert for resistance thermometers
  • MgO isolator
  • measuring range -50...550°C
  • metal sheath made of stainless steel
  • resistance to vibrations
  • short reaction time to temperature changes
  • possibility of mounting a 4…20 mA or 0…10 V temperature transmitter

The measuring inserts SWP1 for resistance thermometers are designed for installation in a protection thermowell. Operation without thermowell is only recommended in certain applications. These measuring inserts are made from flexible, mineral-insulated sheathed cable. The sensor is fitted in a rigid tube on the end of the measuring insert. Apart from being flexible, this model has outstanding vibration resistance.

Measuring element
Pt100 resistor
Measurement range
-50...+550°C (Pt100)
A class
B class
Case material
stainless steel
Data sheet