Temperature sensors from the Simex offer constitute a wide range of various types of industries. An important branch are those intended for measuring machine elements. They range from the simplest bayonet designs to structurally specific sensors to be placed in the most important places while monitoring the temperature.

Below we proudly present some of the selected wired sensors:


SCR 203

Pobierz obrazki

A sensor with a flat part of the cover, which ensures good adherence to the machine element, and additionally features a hole that facilitates the installation of the sensor in a selected place


SCR 204

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A sensor with a cover in the form of a thread of the selected size is intended for installation in the measuring sockets of machines, or directly in the installation


SCR 205

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Rectangular cover of this sensor has the dimensions specified when ordering, and a flat tip featuring a mounting hole


SCR 206

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That is a special version of SCR 205 model with an additional, radially positioned pin used for mounting and temperature measurement, e.g. inside the machine body


SCR 208

Pobierz obrazki

Bayonet sensor with a snap cap to adjust the depth of immersion


SCR 400

Pobierz obrazki

A bayonet version with built-in temperature display and an option of mounting a temperature transmitter with an output signal 4...20mA or 0...10V


The above examples are sensors in the resistance version (RTD Pt100, 500, 1000 or other) designed for temperature measurement in the range of -50 ... 400°C. Each of them can also be made with the use of different types of thermocouples (e.g. TC J, K, N), which increases the maximum measurement temperature even up to 1200°C.

The sensors are manufactured to order, which offers great flexibility in adjusting their parameters to the requirements of the application. All of them feature a spring that prevents the cable from breaking. Each of the sensors can also be made with a cable of any length and in a selected insulation, adapted to the operating conditions, e.g. made of PVC, Teflon, silicone, or glass fiber featuring a steel braid.