Sidgets are ready-made built-in MultiCon visualization components based on HTML5 technology. They can be used to build a website structure with SCADA type visualization.

The advantages of Sidgets are:

  • real-time data preview,
  • facility monitoring from anywhere in the world,
  • access to data from any device that supports web browsers,
  • compliance with the latest web standards, such as: HTML5 +, CSS3 +, JS6 +,
  • building websites without the need to have specialized programming knowledge,
  • possibility of placing the prepared visualization on a publicly available server,
  • possibility of integration with a larger, external IT system.

We are now supplementing the range of graphic sidgets with a text version: Pure Sidget.
This variant is especially useful in case of a large amount of presented data, as it allows any kind of formatting the displayed text, e.g. organizing data in a clear table. It also allows you to choose the displayed variable, e.g. the maximum value of the channel, the time of its occurrence, or the average of the last few samples, and many others. Text sidgets ensure a better match to the structure and colors of the target portal. They can even be used to design individual objects displaying only specific data downloaded from the device. A website built by means of sidgets can be displayed by any popular web browser on all devices that support it, including mobile devices.

Text sidget support has been added to the firmware of MultiCon devices, version 5.14, for download at www.multicon24.eu


Pure Sidget